Various Types and New Approaches for the Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a commonly done aesthetic plastic surgical procedure.

There are various types of augmentation mainly augmentation with silastic implant or with fat graft.

I have been doing augmentation with silastic implant for the past 35 years and with the fat graft for the past 15 years.

Implant Placement may be sub glandular, sub fascial, sub muscular (Dual Plane or Triple plane)

Approaches may be infra mammary, peri areola or transaxillary

Techniques may be conventional technique or endoscopic technique.

Fat graft obtained from buttocks and abdomen and injected about 300cc on each side of the breast with PRP.

All types of augmentation give fairly good result with some advantages and disadvantages.

In sub glandular approach the implant may be palpable superficially in thin individuals. And more prone for capsular contracture

In Sub muscular approach animation deformity may be there. There is less capsular contracture. To avoid animation deformity, dual Plane or triple plane technique will be useful.

In endoscopic approach the scar will be very small and hidden in the axilla. Good dissection and homeostasis during surgery may be obtained.

In fat graft surgery about 15-20% of the fat may get absorbed, where as in implant technique there is a chance of leak, rejection, and rarely ALCL complication (Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma).


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