Six Packs & Chest Packs

Six Packs & Chest Packs

Six Packs

Now A-Days Many men want the abdomen contour with 6 packs. To obtain 6 packs they have to do heavy work-outs.By doing heavy exercise the fat in the cheek will dissolve & disappear producing shrunken cheek appearance.

So to avoid the shrunken cheek by heavy exercise, we can create 6 packs by simple fat suctioning procedure where we suck out excess unwanted fat in the abdomen & at the same time we create 3 depressed skin folds on either sides of abdomen creating 6 linear transverse depression two above the umbilicus & one at below the umbilicus that will look very much natural 6 packs.

Chest Packs

Chest packs can also be created by liposuction over the chest, where we remove the extra fat over the outer and lower border of the chest muscle. By that, the contour of the pectoral chest muscle will be clearly delineated.