Sagging of the breast (pendulous breast)

Occurs in aging, post pregnancy and weight loss, where there is loss of elasticity of the breast skin and some amount of breast atrophy. This can be corrected by means of breast surgery for uplifting the breast with or without implant. Alternatively fat also can inject to increase the size of the breast. Now the new technique is the patient’s own breast tissue in the bottom of the breast can be dissected and uplifted behind the nipple and sutured to the chest wall muscle. This gives the strong uplifting of the sagging breast since it is sutured and attached the firm and fixed chest wall muscle preventing the further sagging. Then the proper and measured quantity of loose skin is tailored, removed and sutured tightly to make the breast firm. So by this technique no need to insert the implant which is a foreign body. And in this technique the patient’s own breast tissue is uplifted and gives some amount of increase in size also. This procedure can be done as a day care procedure with, less down time, with minimal scar. And no need to extract the fat from the abdomen for injecting into the breast. This procedure is called auto prosthesis augmentation mastopexy.

The auto breast augmentation can be made as round shape or anatomical tear drop shape. This gives very good projection of the nipple and fullness in the upper pole of the breast in addition to the elevation of the sagging.And we can avoid the potential risk of silicone implant and still getting the result close to that of an implant and saving the cost of implant.


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