Nose Surgery


RHINOPLASTY : ( Nose Correction)

As nose is the centre of the face, the deformities of the nose are very prominent and evident and that is why, Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery operations.
In Rhinoplasty, One or more of the following are done.

Elevation of a depressed nose by adding cartilage bone or silicone implant, Removal of a “hump” and narrowing of the nasal bones. Reduction of the bulk of the tip, Elevation of the tip of the nose, Reduction of the size of the nostrils.

The incisions for reducing or recontourig the external nose are usually made inside the nose hence there is no external scar present.

Local anaesthesia with sedation or General anaesthesia can be given. Some types of Rhinoplasties can be done as an outpatient procedure without any hospital stay, while the rest may require 1 day hospital stay.

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