Patients with receding chin but with normal dental bite (Dental occlusion) are good candidates for augmentation of the chin. A cut is usually made inside the mouth just below the gum or under the chin on the outside skin and a silicone implant is placed in front of the chin bone.

This surgery is done under local anesthesia and requires no hospital stay. Silicone chins are commercially available in many sizes. Most have smooth contour, whereas the other are cleft.

Thick or fat lips are reduced in size by removing a strip of the red mucosa of the lip along with the underlying tissue from one end to the other end. This surgery is done under local anesthesia without any hospital stay and both the lip can be reduced at the same time.

Double chins are corrected by removing the excess of fat under the jaw bone by suctioning method through 2 small holes or by open method through a small cut under the jaw bone. The latter method is preferred if the muscles also have to be tightened. Double chins can be corrected under local anesthesia without any hospital stay.

The dimple in the cheek is considered as a beauty spot and some consider this as a sign of good luck.

This can be created by a small surgical procedure

Under local anesthesia, a small incision is made in the innerside of the cheek where the dimple is desired (There is no scar outside). An absortable suture is passes through the incision catching the undersurface of the skin and tied to the underlying muscle which produces the dimple & patient can go home immediately resuming normal work. It can be done on oneside or bothside.


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