Laser Treatment

You can enhance your appearance with laser treatments. A laser is a high energy
beam of light that can selectively transfer its energy into target tissue to treat the
skin. The following laser treatment procedures are available in our clinic.

Hair Reduction (Hair Removal)
Unwanted facial and body hair can be removed. No more painful waxing,
electrolysis or razor rash
Tattoo Removal
No need of surgery or fear of any scares; now get your tattoos removed by the
safest and most effective laser treatment by the Q-Switched NDYag laser
Treatment of scars from ‘acne’ or ‘chickenpox’
We use fractional resurfacing with our state-of-the-art Fractional Co2 laser
achieving faster and better results.
Laser Rejuvenation & Resurfacing
Air pollution and sun exposure lead to unwelcome changes of your skin’s texture,
color and elasticity. We employ laser genesis and laser resurfacing which uniquely
rejuvenates the skin. It is proven to remove fine lines and also reduce large pores,
scares, blemishes, uneven, pebbled texture and overall redness and flushing. Our
new laser technologies give plastic surgeons a new level of control in laser
surfacing, permitting extreme precision especially in delicate areas. Explore our
Laser Anti-Ageing treatment which is comfortable with rapid and great outcomes


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