Gynaecomastia surgery


In some boys during puberty and adolescence, breasts develop to a notable size. This can cause psychological problems and causes the boys to be embarrassed to remove their clothes in front of others, like in the locker rooms or in the swimming pools. But, the breasts become normal and almost flat in most of these boys, in two or three years from the time they had developed the breasts. In a few persons the enlarged breasts persist, requiring surgical correction. On rare occasions, breasts could develop in adult males also, and sometimes it could be associated with hormonal problems.

In smaller gynaecomastias the surgery could be performed under local anesthesia without any hospital stay. But most of the patients require general anesthesia. To do both sides it takes 2-3 hours (longer if the breasts are to be tightened at the same time). We make a hole in the lower part of the breast and suck out all the fat tissue and breast tissue.

On patients with very large gynaecomastias, the skin is also tightened at the same time of the above surgery to avoid sagging after the surgery.

It will not produce any visible scar at the same time we can create chest pack in the chest like six pack in abdomen.


The dressings are changed and the drains are removed in 24-48 hours. The sutures are removed in parts in 7 and 10 days. One may experience some discomfort for a day or two following the surgery and it will be similar to a muscle pain after strenuous physical activity.

Male Breast Reduction ( Side View)

Gynecomastia Surgery in Chennai

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