Female Sex Organ Surgery

Female Sex Organ Surgery

The Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of the female genetalia is more common. There are many surgeries as follows.

  •     Repair of the hymen membrane
  •     Reduction of the Labia minora (Inner fold skin of the vagina)
  •     Reduction of the Labia majora (outer bulged skin of the vagina)
  •     Augmentation of the Labia majora
  •     Reconstruction of the Clitoris
  •     Vaginoploasty to make the vagina tight and to increase the vaginal fold
  •     Umbilicus plasty (NAVAL SURGERY)

Hymen membrane

In virgin women it is a thin skin fold membrane which is covering the vaginal opening leaving a very small hole in the centre for menstrual outflow. It may get torn due to various reasons. But this can be repaired and reconstructed to appear just like a virgin woman’s hymen by hymenoplasty surgery. It is a very simple surgery done under local anesthesia and the patient can go home immediately after the surgery.

Reconstruction of Labia minora (Inner skin fold)

For some, this inner fold of skin it may be large and hinder the sexual activities. In that case it should be removed partially and reduced to normal size.

Labia majora (outer bulged skin)

Since the labia majora is composed mainly by fatty tissue, they can be moulded surgically by adding or removing fat.

Reduction is performed by liposuction technique, if it is very large. If labia majora is small and thin, it can be made bigger by injecting fat to get the cushion effect. It can be done under local anesthesia as outpatient procedure.


After delivery of the child through the vagina, the vaginal muscles become weaker and the vaginal skin becomes loose and the vaginal opening becomes bigger. This can be corrected by repairing the torn or weak muscles and by removing the excess vaginal loose inner skin and narrowing the vaginal hole. It can be done as an outpatient procedure (at the same time inner vaginal folds can be recreated).

Reconstruction of clitoris

Clitoris is a small projecting firm tissue in the uppermost part of vagina. For some it may be very large. This also can be reduced in size by removing a part of it.

Umbilicus plasty (NAVAL SURGERY)

It can be done to create a beautiful umbilicus under local anesthesia and patient can go home immediately.