Fat Reduction Surgery


‘Stay Slim’ and ‘Keep Slender’. Exercise centres, weight reduction clinics wrap centres and jazzercise tapes are seen all over the world today trying to help that the people melt their fat away.

In fat suctioning the surgeon removes fat from an area by using metal tubular instruments connected to a suction machine. The suction machines used for this purpose create very powerful negative pressures.

Fat collection of the hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, under the chin, etc., can be reduced by this procedure.

Fat Reduction is neither a substitute for dieting nor a cure for obesity. Persons with reasonably normal weight and healthy, elastic skin, but with extra localized fat in certain area, get the best results from this procedure.

Fat suctioning can be done by using syringe and cannula. This method is quite effective in small and localized areas of fat.

Now a days, fat suctioning is done under TUMESCENT technique with (POWER ASSISTED LIPOSUCTION), this is the latest technique.

This procedure requires no stay at the hospital.

Fat Reduction can be done in Male also create 6 packs contour.

Fat can be injected in the depressed areas anywhere in the body to bring out a smooth and even body contour. Especially fat can be injected into the sunken-hollow cheeks, to create chubby cheeks. And also fat can be injected in breast for breast enlargement and can be injected in buttock to produce the butt augmentation.