Ear Correction Surgery


This is done to pin back the Bat Ear (Protruding Ear), it is done under local anaesthesia and does not require hospital stay. The cuts are made behind the ears. The missing fold is created by folding the ear cartilage backwards after thinning and scoring it. Then the cartilage and the skin are sutured.


The enlarged ear holes are due to wearing heavy ear rings for a long time. There are 2 ways to repair the above. In one method the entire hole is removed and stitched up and ear lobe is repierced after one-and-half months. In the second method the ear lobe is repaired leaving a small hole for the ear ring. Probably, it is ideal to repair the entire area and repierce later to avoid recurrent enlargements of the hole in shorter durations. This surgery is done under local anaesthesia as an out patient.

Ear Correction Surgery

Ear Correction Before & After Surgery

Ear Correction Surgery in Chennai

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