Abdominoplasty with Anatomical Repair of Rectus Abdominis MUSCLE


Abdominoplasty is a very common procedure in Aesthetic Surgery. There are many methods of abdominoplasty which may depend upon individual patient condition like, Mini abdominoplasty, Total abdominoplasty with umbilicus reposition, Small scar abdominoplasty with help of Endoscope, Abdominoplasty with rectus sheath tightening and sometimes abdominoplasty with rectus MUSCLE reconstruction.

In case of very large abdomen with wide divarication recti we have to do rectus abdominis MUSCLE repair.

Materials & Methods:-

In the case of large protuberant abdomen with wide rectus divarication, by lower abdominal transverse incision, Abdomen flap is elevated up to subcostal area, rectus sheath is identified, anterior rectus sheath is opened vertically on both sides to identify the rectus abdominis MUSCLE, and then rectus abdominis MUSCLE is dissected from its medial border to separate it from the posterior rectus sheath on both sides. The MUSCLEs are sutured together by intermittent catgut suturing in the midline. Then the anterior rectus sheath is closed in the mid line by double breasting manner. The excess fatty skin flap below umbilicus is excised and the flap is sutured tightly, after repositioning of umbilicus.


So the rectus abdominis MUSCLE reconstruction anatomically is important for the wide rectus divarication.


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